If you are a frequent visitor of traditional casinos, you must have noticed the wide array of slot machines therein. Slots are basic games you can play in casinos that are very entertaining - provided you win. They are very easy to play, too: you put in a coin, pull the handle or push the button, and then do the same with another coin. Unfortunately, using up a lot of coins happens more when there is a huge house edge. Despite that, however, you can still increase your chances of winning at slots while having a great time as you play. Here is how.

Types of Slots


In general, there are two different kinds of casino slots machines nowadays: progressive slots and flat rate slots. Progressive jackpots keep growing with every coin that is inserted until somebody hits the jackpot and flat rate slots have set payoffs that come with them. If you want to try it out right now then do it in one of the worlds most reputable online casinos.

Different Payouts

Whenever you choose the game you want to play, make sure you look for slot machines with advertised payouts of 95% to 99%. Though machines that can be found next to each other might look exactly the same, they could still have different programs of percentage rates - remember that.

Cash Out Time

If you end up doubling your bankroll on a machine, it would be high time to cash out. Do not keep thinking you can win your money back, as you could just end up losing even more. Be smart.

Regular Bets

Probably the most essential thing you have to remember when choosing which machine to play on would be to know its percentages and payout rates. It is alright to play merely for fun and choose games that look cool, but make sure you know what you're doing.

Understanding machine payout rates can give you greater chances of winning bigger jackpots. Several slot machines might ask you to bet certain amounts of coins before you can win their jackpots, so watch out for them.

Also, knowing just how each game is played can increase your chances of winning and even dramatically improve your satisfaction of winning at a casino.

Maximum Bets

Betting maximum coins can increase your overall chances of winning bigger jackpots. In fact, the majority of casinos out there will give you a reward for betting big. This strategy usually works on any machine; however, if you do not want to place maximum bets on dollar machines, then you can also choose machines with lower values to play with nickels or quarters.