Bonus Multiplier Slot Machines

Over the last four decades, slot machines have had a complete metamorphosis. They are not at all similar to their ancient ancestors and with each passing year, players demand more and more features to entice them to play the games. Lucky for them, casinos and online wager platforms are more than happy to institute the latest technology in order for the sea of cash to keep rolling in.

Part of this change isn’t just how the machines are run or built, but the images they employ on the wheels and their functions. Nowadays you have images that give you extra bonus points or rounds, wild cards that can provide a large payoff, or scatter images that can act as just about anything, but some of the slots that provide the best or most frequent pay-offs are the multiplier machines.

What Are Multipliers?

We are referring to online slot machines by the way, and multiplier machines simply have images that multiply or increase victorious combinations. It is similar to a wild image because it rounds out a winner and bumps up the amount of the payout.

If you remember way back when about how to multiply it is facile to determine how these machines work. When you add it all up, it’s obvious these kinds of slots can produce pretty substantial winnings. The only machines that top it are the progressive jackpot slot machines. The best part about multipliers isn’t necessarily the payout amount, but the fact you have so many options compared to other games. It provides more excitement.

And Is There a Bonus?

As we were discussing earlier, slot machines are constantly evolving and an advance upon the multiplier slot machines is the bonus multiplier slots. Their main function is to provide an incentive to employ wagering the most you possibly can.

Let’s explain it this way. If you put down the most coins you are allowed to, the jackpot or payout is increased. If you need three bananas to capture a victory for 1,000 coins or tokens and you put down the maximum number for your bet, if you hit the bananas, the machine will dispense a payout of about 10,000 coins. Not too shabby!

To really keep it basic, if you bump up your initial wager by three, you can get up to 10 times what you put in back. That is exactly why this type of machine is considered to be one of the next best things in online wagering and is becoming quite popular amongst players.