Slots Bonuses

As players are not relishing the live casino experience as much as they used to due to the explosion of online gaming, both forms are in competition for customers, hence, the storied method of offering bonuses. They may seem like a gift, but are carefully calculated means to get you to spend more money in some capacity. They can be used to your advantage, but it’s like with a contract. Always make sure you read the fine print.

For The Reel

Some bonuses only apply for reel slot machines, which normally consist of three or five rows and the amount of money you receive when you win is directly connected to how many reels the game contains. Three reels have five ways to win on each play, while five reels can have lines with outcomes up to 100. These are the bonuses you will encounter for this type of game.

  • Free spins
  • Sliders
  • Cascades
  • Wilds
  • Hold N’ Spin

Video Production

Video slots are beginning to eclipse reels. They have much better graphics, are not limited by a number of reels, have much larger paylines, and offer many more ways to win some cash. Here are some examples of bonuses that are usually linked to these types of machines.

  • Wheel of Fortune
  • Pick a Box
  • Free For All

By no means is this a definitive list of all the bonuses associated with slot machines. Each casino has their own policies, procedures, and promotions that are unique from their competition. As bonuses are one of the top ways casinos can attract new business, it definitely is not infrequent to find the same kinds of bonuses attached to both machines. Also, most machines do come with a minimum of three bonus features. Remember, free spins are nearly universal and so are wild, multiplier and scatter images to make the game even more engaging.

Many players will never fall for the video slots sleek presentation and prefer the reels because they are very easy to read with little fanfare. Some video machines are quite complex and it’s difficult to understand what the amount of your wager is and how much you are winning. Because of this, many online casinos are now introducing reels games and offer a variety of bonuses to attract these players to their establishment.

Always take advantage of bonuses that work for you, but try not to ever let them take advantage of you. Keep in mind what their true purpose is.