Web Privacy Policy

How to Protect OnlineSlotsWin your own Information?

When we collect information about you then we take reasonable effort for protecting your own information. We protect your information from unauthorized access where as we are not grantees to protect your information. In fact we have no liabilities for disclosing any Information for the transmission error or the unauthorized third party act.

Website Contents

The information you post, store or transmit inside the website such as image of yours or any product image, message board posting can access by other user. However those users might be unknown to you so you have to be care for disclosing your personal information. You should not disclose the information to the person who is not believed by you and you have to assure the content may keep secret.

Tell about the site to friend

Here is service called referral service in which you may refer a friend about the Services of OnlineSlotsWin. Actually in this case we will provide an option where we ask your friend name and email id then we will send your invitation for visiting our website. We collect these information for the tracking purpose moreover it also needs for the success of this referral program.


You information security is the main purpose of our program whenever you enter the more sensitive information like credit card number then we usually encrypt those information using SSL technology (secure socket layer). We actually provide the industry standards security during transmission. We never transmit those information over internet however we do not give you absolute security for our constant change of business and technological strategy.

Some information about children privacy

Under the Thirteen aged children

OnlineSlotsWin provides Services only for those users whose are over 13. We do not use the information which we collect from the user whose are under 13. Moreover we delete that information whose apply on our website aged lesser than 13 and do not accept their registration.

The children aged between thirteen to seventeen

OnlineSlotsWin provide the services for the users aged between 13 and 17 when their guardian gives their consent about their appearance. If you or you guardian request for deactivate your personal information then we approved their application and delete your information from our database.