Slot Machine Technology

The biggest American manufacturer of online video poker machines and online slot machines today is called International Game Technology, or IGT.

IGT History

IGT started up in the year 1981. Back then, mechanical slots were a standard within their industry, but IGT happened to be the company of slots that moved to be a cutting edge in the revolution of random number generators, changing the simplicity of the slot machine business.

The Big Change


When there were only mechanical slot machines back in the day, the jackpots were directly tied to how big the machines were. Machines back then actually put mechanical reels to use to put symbols onto them, so the bigger the jackpot was, the bigger the reel needed to be.

Because of size constraints that casinos started to impose, slot machines were not allowed to have more than three reels. The amount of pictures found on the reels were restricted, as well - mostly to below twenty. Also, jackpots were not allowed to exceed several thousand dollars, otherwise the machines would not collect any profit.

After the chip of random number generators was included, there were no longer any limitations on size. Reels were simulated and became tied to the results of random number generators that acted as reels. The size of the jackpots also rose significantly - sometimes to millions.

Thanks to random number generators, progressive jackpots became possible and IGT was the very first to try out the possibilities that came with online slot machines.

The Evolution

Changes were not noticed right away. Even during the earlier days of random number generators, designers of slots merely copied the traditional slot designs of old. The looks of these games didn't change overnight, either. But in the year 1986, IGT introduced what eventually helped them become the master of the slots universe.

This is when IGT decided to launch Megabucks, the very first in progressive slot machines. Each time somebody played on it, some of the money got added into the progressive pot. So, the longer progressive games went without anybody getting the jackpot, the more this jackpot grew.

All kinds of gamblers are now aware of this particular concept. In fact, it is now put to use in power ball and mega million lotteries all over America. People enjoy jackpots that keep growing by the minute and this is why progressive slots are so popular.

Popular Progressive Jackpots

The slots of Wheel of Fortune Free slots canada are probably the most well-known progressive jackpots in the history of online slot machines. Based on the game show of the 1980s, such slot machines pay off huge jackpots, and a bonus game is offered wherein players spin the wheel for more winnings.