Slots Variations


Slot machines are extremely popular devices for gambling with not very easy rules. They have slots wherein chips or coins are inserted and their reels spin whenever you pull a lever or push a button. Slot machines were invented by Charles Fey in 1899 and the very first one was called the Liberty Bell. Nowadays, traditional slots games exist, as well as online ones, and a wide array of different game versions exist for both kinds. Here are the different kinds of free slots games out there today.

Straight Slots

Out of the most basic kinds of free casino slots games out there, straight slots are the ones that have lower jackpots. In a nutshell, all slots games have jackpots that can be won. When it comes to straight slots, though, how their jackpots are calculated would be different compared to how they are calculated with progressive slots.

Straight slots jackpots are determined with an internal payout schedule, which are displayed on each slot machine. The overall chances of winning tend to be high with straight slots and these can be divided into four more kinds of slots machines.

Single Line Slots

Consisting of a single pay line and three reels, these would refer to the traditional free slot games that were placed in casinos, gambling halls and grocery stores for entertainment and fun.

Bonus Slots

As the name says, bonus slots provide several bonus rounds along with the regular game. The triggers differ from one game to the next, but once a bonus is triggered, you will be sent to a new screen to play out a mini-game to win prizes. Once you finish the bonus round, you will get sent back to the regular game. Try out these kind of awesome free slots and invite the buddies to go to the online casino.

Feature Slots

New components, twists and options are added onto the regular slots games for more of a challenge. These gaming features will give you higher chances of winning free spins or more cash, thus offering up free chances of winning multiple jackpots, as well.

Multi-Line Slots

These slots have multiple pay lines and more than just three reels. Several machines can have a maximum of 40 pay lines and 9 reels, though most only have 20 pay lines and 5 reels. Also, a lot of free slot games with multiple lines provide progressive jackpots, features and bonus rounds, too.