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Hello! I’m glad to welcome you at my website.

Hello! I’m glad to welcome you at my website, which was created to give the comprehensive overview of fantastic game of slots to all slot machine lovers and people who want to know more about this game. My name is Nancy Winlucky and I am slot player. I want to tell you a wonderful story about my slot gaming experience.

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It may sound strange, but my last name played a good trick to me: I have been winning in online slot games for a whole year! Can you imagine? My friends were joking that I am really lucky by winning easy. I am lucky, that is true, but slots is not about luck only. You have to know some more things about this game and playing roulette simulator to benefit from it. Of course, online pokies (slots are called like this in Australia) have nothing common with any other casino game https://bingo77uk.com/bingo-sites/no-deposit-bingo, besides, strategies and methods, which are used in this game never guarantee you a winning. You should also know, that slot machines may play a bad joke with you, as you never know when the winning at the peculiar machine comes. Playing blackjack you may predict the result of the game, making your decision according to the hand you have, but in slots online everything remains a secret for you. In poker you may change situation to your benefit even if you have a bad hand, but playing slots you just have accept the result, no matter how unsatisfactory it can be for you.



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Many players believe that slot machines is game for gambling beginners only and none of the professional players would choose this game. They’re so mistaken! Each casino player knows that slots is the only game which gives the opportunity to play with relatively small bets and win really big. I’m even not speaking about gigantic progressive jackpots which are the dream of any player, but about random winnings. Even the highest roulette payout of 35:1 cannot be compared to those you can receive in slots.


Casino first comers usually ignore any strategy to play slot machines, but the more they are getting involved in plating it, the more they understand that they need some system. Fortunately, numbers of different methods to play slots is immense today. Personally I always follow some of the strategies, as they help systematize the best I make. But besides of the strategies I also use my knowledge about slot machines, as it is very important to understand the type of game you choose to play.

My site https://top10-casino-reviews.com/sites-like-1xbet is a detailed description of each win in online slots. I know some tricks, which are very useful in slot machine gambling and I would like to share this knowledge with you. By the way, I was even taken under arrest twice, as the online casino suspected me in hacking (what hacker could I be in 37 years with no IT education?)! But I may assure you, I’ve never used cheating methods in my slot machine gambling, as I think that this game is not worth to be cheated. Unfortunately, some of the casinos don’t think so and try to cheat their clients. With the raising of popularity of slot machine gambling, the number of such places increases because they feel that they can make a lot of money offering attractive services but not providing them.

In order to avoid casinos, capable of such silly accusations, you should check out online casino reviews first. Apart from general casino reviews, there's lots of sources talking about slots specifically. Well, of course my site is among the most informative ones (constant slots winners have never been shy :), but I also can recommend this online slots guide to be checked. Here you’ll find only top-rated casinos with the best software for playing slots.

I hope that recommendations that you are going to find at my website will be good for you and help in gambling slots online. But always remember that slot machine is not the game where winning is obligatory, here you can lose and lose, and the winning combination will not appear. But once you may start the game and the first spin you make will bring you several thousands of dollars. Take this game easy and enjoy not the winnings it may bring, but the process of playing.

If you want to make your game really better, you need to find some additional opportunities for playing. As you probably know, all of the online casinos provide players not only with huge choice of games, which include the rarest slot machines, but also with bonuses. If you want to receive more possibilities to play, do not miss your chance to visit Deposit Options grandparkercasino.co - no deposit bonus codes for 2014. I am sure that for every slot machine player bonus codes will be great addition to their material possibilities. Besides, with their help you can receive free spins!

I like to play slots not only because they promise fantastic winning, but because this game is very interesting and I enjoy every time when I push the button to make a spin. If you are interested in slot machine gambling as I am, you are welcomed to know more about my miracle winnings and free slot machines! Online pokies can give you the same felling so do not miss a chance to try them as well. Let’s make our lives better with slot machines!

  Casino usa_flag Bonus Max bonus Rating
1 AladdinsGold Aladdins Gold
green_cross 200% No Limit 100
2 RomeCasino RomeCasino
green_cross 300% $10000 100
3 Buzzluck Buzzluck
green_cross 100% $868 100
4 ClubUSA ClubUSA
green_cross 100% $777 80
5 LocoPanda Loco Panda
green_cross 100% $4000 80
6 Sloto'Cash Sloto'Cash
green_cross 200% $7777 70
7 LasVegasUSA LasVegasUSA
green_cross 200% $3000 70
8 SlotsPlusUSA SlotsPlusUSA
green_cross 200% $7000 60
9 LuckyRed Lucky Red
green_cross 400% $4000 60
10 MonaCasino Mona Casino
green_cross 400% $400 60