Myths Believed by Those Who Have Won the Biggest at Online Slot Machines

Slots are widely regarded as chance-based games. Even those who do develop slot machines attest to the fact that free casino slots games are chance-based. By chance-based, we simply mean that there is no degree of skill required for one to successfully play free slot machines. Against this background, therefore, all that’s needed to land a massive win or to hit the jackpot when playing slots is luck.


The notion that slots are chance-based inversely means that there is no ‘input’ whatsoever required from the player other than the hope and expectation that lady luck will visit during one’s gaming session. 


While this is the case, some players have managed to contradict this by coming up with their own beliefs and myths. These myths, therefore, act as ‘inputs’ on the player’s part, that is, what the player has to do beforehand to increase his chances of winning massively when playing slots.


Different players have different beliefs. However, there are those beliefs that seem to be omnipresent when talking about slot myths. Primarily it’s noticeable among players who have a knack of landing huge slot wins. 


In this article, we are going to take time to highlight these common, almost omnipresent like beliefs widely regarded by players who have won big at online slot machines.

To Hit a Jackpot, Settle for the Slot That Hasn’t Paid Out in a Long Time

Many folks who have managed to hit some incredible gigantic jackpots when playing online slot machines do believe that a player must settle for the slot that hasn’t paid out a jackpot in a long time. This is believed to be one of the main rules if you want to stand a chance of hitting big roll.


This, however, goes against the written rule that all slot spins are ransom and not connected. Those who are in favour of this myth suggest that the odds are heavily stacked in favour of a machine that hasn’t paid out in a long time in comparison to the one that has just released a massive payout. 


For those looking to consider this myth, therefore, whenever you see a machine that has just released a massive payout, walk away, turn to the one that hasn’t been releasing any huge payouts cause the next time it does so, it will be you who will be on the receiving end!

Odds of Winning a Massive Payout Are Stacked in Favour of Those Who Use High Wagers

Most online free slot games to play, that offer jackpots (especially mega ones) such as Mega Moolah or Mega Millions do come with staggering jackpots. Staggering jackpots simply refer to jackpot prizes that differ according to the wager the player is using. The higher the wager, the higher the prize the player stands to win. 


Whether one decides to settle at a staggering jackpot or not, many players do believe that to stand a chance of winning big, the player does have to settle for the highest wager. This is indeed a myth which hasn’t, of course, been proved true. Considering the views of players who have hit jackpots in the past, however, many of them state that they used high wagers. 


As such, even though not proven right, one cannot deny the fact that there is some element of truth in this myth. Therefore, superstitious players looking for a massive payout can increase their chances of doing so by simply wagering with the highest bet amount each time they play a game.

The ‘Hot’ and ‘Cold’ Streaks

There is a widely held belief among many gamers that casinos do have a hand in the way that slot machines operate, that is, they can induce machines to pay out at certain times and stop paying out at other times. 


Players justify saying often, the first spins can be rewarding, but afterwards, the machine becomes ‘stingy’ as the casino will be taking back what it has ‘offered’ in the first spins. This, however, is an erroneous view as any manipulation of the slot machine by a casino operator will be spotted by licensing bodies and put the casino’s reputation into tatters. As such, no casino, at least the reputable ones, will ever partake in-game manipulation. 


While this is the case though, the very nature of slot machines, that is, them being random makes them prone to hot and cold streaks. The randomness of free slots for you means there are times when they will run through a period of constant payouts and a period where they will be inactive on the front of the payout. 


Therefore, players can take advantage of this ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ streak to maximize profits. When machines are on the hot streak, players must play constantly and consistently, and when the cold streak begins, players must seek a different path on a different machine.

Your Own Real Money is the Key to Winning

The reason why many people nowadays are running away from land-based casinos and preferring online casinos is down to the fact that online casinos do offer players a wide range of bonuses and promotions. Some of these come in the form of free money, that is, no deposit bonuses while others come in the form of free spins. 


While these freebies do a great job in attracting players, superstitious players do believe that when looking to land the massive payouts, players must run away from freebies. Players who do believe in this myth suggest that when using freebies, one can never win anything substantial nor worthwhile (as casino operators detect those who are using free money/free spins and those using their own cash to wager). 


Therefore, to increase one’s chances of winning big, the player has to learn to wager at all times with his cash. This myth though not scientifically proven to be factual, does carry some weight as many of those who have won massive payouts or hit huge jackpots state that they did so using their own cash as wagers. 


Only in few instances such as that in 2014 when a Dutch gambler hit a massive Major Millions jackpot of over a million has a player won so much using free spins.